Pastor's Weekly Update
Good morning and greetings from Abiding Peace,
"UNCOVERED" is our general theme for the season of Epiphany, reminding us that truths of Scripture and God's saving love are not something we discover or search and find; they are revealed to us - uncovered to us in the gospel and by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Last week the gospel uncovered for us the truth that Jesus is our powerful and loving Savior who exceeds our expectations.  This week we are a bit surprised.  We would expect that people who have experienced the love and power of Jesus would naturally embrace him, but instead the natural response of humanity is rejection.  Come and see how and why that happens and learn to "Expect the Unexpected."
Serving Sunday (Thank you!):
Greeters: Eggert (E), ____________ (L)                 Acolyte: G. Hunter (E), B. Carroll (L)
Ushers: Broas, Canteruccio (E), Carroll, Lemke (L)            
Organist: Laura Bloomquist                                      Snacks: Broas
Altar Guild: Grimstad (E), Miller (L)                         Flowers: ________
Prayer Notes:
- We thank the Lord for his protecting hand during this recent snowstorm.  I have not heard that anyone had property loss or damage from the snow, ice, and wind.  If you did, and need some help, please let me know.  We are grateful to the Lord who governs all things (even wind and snow) for his good purposes.  We are reminded of the blessing we have in a Savior who has calmed our greatest storm.
- We continue our prayers for our nation (and world), which seems to be so divided and full of confusion, contention, and uncertainty.  May the light of the gospel shine into the darkness and may we be bold and willing proclaimers of that light.
Other Notes:
- Bible Information Class begins next week Wednesday, January 26th, at 6:30 p.m.  This 5/6-week study is on the core truths of Christianity and Lutheranism, and also prepares a person for membership in Abiding Peace, if desired.  Let me know if you plan to attend.  It's a great review for members, too!
- Sunday between services a new Bible study begins for teens/adults: "A Farewell Letter" - God's grace in 2 Timothy
- Wednesday, January 26th at 10:00 a.m. the postponed new study on the book of Jonah begins.
- Stop at the entryway table and check out the latest information and sign-up sheets.  
- The College Ministry gathering that was postponed this Tuesday will meet next Tuesday at 7:00 p.m.  Contact Vicar for specifics.
- Family Fun and Fellowship night is Friday, beginning at 5:45 p.m.  Contact Seegers or Hoods for details.
- Youth Group "spirit night" is next week Thursday (the 27th).  Talk to Vicar for details and to attend.
- We received a check for nearly $300 from Publix as part of their school support program.  Thank you for buying groceries!
Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries the week of January 23-29 (to extend a greeting, if you wish):
"Happy Birthday" to: Marty Cwiakala (25), Brian Frey (25), Julie Schmidt (26), Robert Wetzel II (27), Jeff Skory (28), Laura Bloomquist (28), and Rich Martin (29).
"Happy Anniversary" to: (None, according to our records.)
That's all for this week.
See you Sunday, Lord willing.
- Pastor Duane