Pastor's Weekly Update
Good morning and greetings from Abiding Peace,
As Jesus' approached his final days before his death and resurrection, he spent time teaching about the final days - the End Times.  He talked about a day of judgment for all and a day of triumph for all those who had/have faith in him and his gift of salvation.  Jesus encouraged us last week to pay attention to the signs and this weekend he urges us to be ready - dressed and with our lamps burning.  Come Sunday and hear what that means.
Serving Sunday (Thank you!):
Greeters: Lyss (E), Rall (L)                                           Acolyte: _____ (E), E. Hartzell (L)
Ushers: Eggert, Broas (E), J. Hartzell. I. Hartzell (L)  
Childcare (10:30): L. Bloomquist, E. Gomich
Organist: Chad Gantt                                                   Snacks: Hartzell
Altar Guild: Stephen (E), Miller (L)                             Flowers: Gantt
Prayer Notes:
- Let's pray for Jill Culp and family as they grieve the death of a family member (a brother-in-law).  We ask for God's peace and that all are drawn to Jesus for comfort and hope.
- We thank the Lord that Chloe Wetzel (LeeAnn's 21 year-old granddaughter) is no longer on a ventilator, and we also keep praying for healing as she is still struggling with a mysterious illness and remains hospitalized (3 weeks now).
- We include a couple of prayers for fellow Christians who need our prayers:
One is Finn Bater who is the 2-year old son of Noah and Melissa Bater (Noah is a WELS pastor in Thousand Oaks, CA) who is having surgery this morning to remove a tumor near his brain stem.  The boy also has multiple tumors up and down his spine, but they hope the removal of this large one will help determine a path forward for the others.
The other is Ben Foxen and his family who are missionaries in Africa.  The family has been struck with typhoid fever.
Other Notes:
- Our annual Thanksgiving food drive continues.
- The November issue of Forward in Christ has arrived.
- APT (teens) meets this Sunday (1-3 p.m.) for bowling and laser tag at Spare Time on Congaree.  Text or email Michelle Hartzell or Vicar, if you plan to attend.
- Youth group (5th-8th graders) meets Saturday, November 19 for a movie night at church.
- Christmas decorating will be November 30th and we are looking for a volunteer or two to lead the event.  You may recall that Sara Eggert (who will be celebrating Christmas with Jesus this year) has been our organizer in the past.  Let me know if you are willing to serve.  Thanks.
- The annual APA Christmas tree goes up next week downtown and the Festival of Trees begins on the 18th.  
Those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries the week of November 13-19 (to extend a greeting, if you wish):
"Happy Birthday" to: Cait St. Clair (14), Patrick Hunter (15), Annabelle Hood (17), Dan Tipton (17), Nick Gardella (18), and Clint Hull (18).
"Happy Anniversary" to: none, according to our records we mark the birthday of Martin Luther.  He'd be 539 years old.  
That's all for this week.
God's blessing on your day.
Pastor Duane Rodewald