Pastor's Weekly Update
Greetings from Abiding Peace!
This weekend we celebrate our victorious Savior because his resurrection empowers people to boldly follow him and to commit to following him in faith "even to the point of death" (Rev. 2:10), and until death.  The church has historically used a special Sunday for young people who have been instructed in God's Word and are ready to make such a promise to the Lord.  Confirmation Sunday is this weekend, and we will be asking the Lord to bless the young people listed below, and all of us as we make or renew our promises to the Lord.  
Being confirmed in the 10:30 service on Sunday: Baylis Carroll, Sonny Gardella, Lucas Hagedorn, Kristen Nelson, Kendall Schmidt, and Alyssa Skory.
Serving on Sunday (Thank you!):
Greeters: Granberg (E), _______ (L)                      Acolyte: _______ (E), B. Carroll (L)
Ushers: Hood, Schwall (E), Miller, Carroll (L)
Organist: Laura Bloomquist                                     Snacks: Cake (after second service)
Altar Guild: Frey (E), Carroll (L)                               Flowers: Confirmation flowers
Prayer Notes:
- We certainly pray for our confirmands, asking the Lord to keep them faithful through his Word and Sacraments, so that they follow Jesus all the days of their lives.
- We include prayers for all those suffering from the recent deaths and injuries that have come from violence across America.  It's in the news again, and each time we hear it and see it we pray that the Gospel of peace in Jesus might be comfort to those in pain, and might bring hope to those who are so troubled that they carry out such acts of violence.
Other Notes:
- Sunday School and Youth Choir will meet in church at 9:30 a.m. to practice the song they will sing in the 10:30 service.  Then, they will go to their classrooms for the Bible lesson for the day.
- Stop at the entryway table to sign up for Bible Information Class, to play golf on May 29th, and to check out other information and opportunities.
- This coming Sunday is our final Bible studies for the "school year."  We thank our volunteer teachers and ask the Lord to bless them for their service.
- If you are a graduate this year (K4, High School, College, or post) and have not yet given me your information page, please do so Sunday.  Thanks.
- The bushes around our old sign need some help.  Would you be willing to pull weeds?  The new bushes are starting to get overpowered!  Thanks.
Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries the week of May 22-28 (to extend a greeting, if you wish):
"Happy Birthday" to: Scot Chiffon (22), Norah Culp (22), Jeff Imamura (22), Marley White (23), Karina Luthra (25), Sutton Imamura (25), Camden Cheek (27), and Chase Cheek (27).
"Happy Anniversary" to: Al & Joyce Hilbert (24), Gabe & Mary Leventis (24), Louise & Diane Gray (27), and Patrick & Anne Hunter (28).
That's all for this week.
See you Sunday!
- Pastor Duane