Pastor's Weekly Update
This is the news from Abiding Peace for the week of September 6-12, and here are a few notes:
Worship Notes:
This weekend we begin a brief 3-week series on forgiveness by starting with the reminder that forgiveness (canceling/paying off the debt of sin that we owe to God) is what Jesus was all about, and it is the "things of God" that he wants us to cherish and build our lives around.  We'll learn more about the "things of God" this coming Sunday.
Serving this Sunday:
Ushers:               8:15  – Streblow, Eggert
                                9:30  – Schwall, Maciejewski
                                10:45 – Miller, Carroll
Cleaners:           8:15   – Gary, Giordanelli
                                 9:30   – Tonoli, Ward
Organist: Doug Rall
And...please be sure to take a moment to indicate the service you plan to attend this weekend.
Other notes:
- Sunday School (K4-4th grade) begins this weekend with the Youtube teacher video coming your way on Friday.   Parents are asked to refer to the packet for a lesson and activity page.
- Pre-confirmation (5-6th graders) begins this weekend with the first lesson coming your way on Friday.  Remember - we begin in-person classes on October 4, after the 9:30 a.m. service.
- Confirmation (7-8th graders) begins with a parent meeting this Sunday.  Please meet with me in the Fellowship Hall after the service you attend.
- Teen/Adult Bible study begins this weekend.  Look for a study guide and video emailed to you for you to study at home.
- Sign up Sunday to order a Bible history book ($10), which is appropriate for all ages, but is especially helpful for parents to use to help their children build Bible depth of knowledge that will help them better understand God's plan of salvation.
- More prayer books (""Prayers for an Election Year") are available on the entryway table.
- Invitation cards are on the entryway table to use as a discussion starter with a friend or co-worker.  Help yourself.
- Sign-ups to help with the AP Pumpkin Patch begin on Sunday.  See the table!
- Donations for the local food pantry are being received.  See the green bin.
Prayer Notes:
As we find ourselves in the 6th month of the coronavirus...let's ask the Lord to bring an end to it soon.  As our Savior stilled the storm on the Sea of Galilee so may he also still this storm that has had such an impact on so many people and areas of life.  May God's peace and promises sustain us and bring peace to many homes and hearts.
Birthday and Anniversary Notes (for September 13-19, so you can extend a greeting, if you wish):
Happy Birthday to: Jade Fisher, Abigayle Tollison, Chris Brumback, Mason Appel, Kristi Maguire, and Lara Budzyn.
Happy Anniversary to: Hunt & Jenny Elliott, and Steve & Stephanie Streblow.
That's it for this week.
See you on Sunday.
- Pastor Duane