Pastor's Weekly Update
Good morning and greetings from Abiding Peace,
This is the news from AP for the week of October 18 - 24, with a look to Sunday, the 25th. 
We conclude our October focus on four parables of Jesus by listening to his story about a Wedding Banquet.  Where are we in this story and what is Jesus' message for us today?  
Serving Sunday:
Ushers:               8:15  – Stephen, Eggert
                                9:30  – Maciejewski, Maguire
                                10:45 – Miller, Carroll
Cleaners:           8:15   – Gary, Giordanelli
                                 9:30   – Ward, Maguire
Organist: Doug Rall 
Note: If you have not yet signed up for worship, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks.
Prayer notes:
- We pray for Pastor Larry Zahn and his wife Judy who are battling the coronavirus.  The word is that it has hit Pastor Zahn pretty hard, and so we ask the Lord to grant protection and healing.  (Pastor Zahn was instrumental in the early years of Abiding Peace.)
- We pray for the families of those who were involved in the fatal car accident yesterday that resulted in loss of life, including a member of law enforcement.  May God's peace and promises bring comfort and hope to all who are hurting.
Celebration notes - birthdays and anniversaries October 25-31 (so you can extend a greeting, if you wish):
Birthday: Jim Hutchison, Lauren Curtis, Peyton Hagedorn, and Michael Morgenroth.
Anniversary: Martin and Peggy Cwiakala.
Other notes:
  • Thanks to those who have signed up to sell pumpkins this week.  Please check on Sunday to help fill spots for the next week.  Thanks.
  • Youth group meets Friday at the Hahn house.  See the evite.
  • College Bible study is Saturday at 10:30 a.m.  Contact Vicar to connect to Zoom.
  • Check the DIY fall workday list in Sunday's service folder
God's blessing on your day.
- Pastor Duane