Pastor's Weekly Update
Good morning,
Last week we began an Easter series that reminds us of the impact of Easter and the empty tomb of Jesus.  Not only are we justified and saved, but we are also empowered to live our new life in Christ.  That's true as individuals, and also as a Church.  The risen Savior creates a Church in Action as we take his saving name (the cornerstone on which the Church is built) and share it.  This Sunday we are encouraged to be the Church that Boldly Speaks.
Serving this Sunday:
Ushers:               8:15  – Eggert, McConnell
                                9:30  – Schwall, Culp
                                10:45 – Carroll, Miller
Cleaners:           8:15   – Gary, Giordanelli
                                 9:30   – Clarke, Rall
Organist: Becky Seeger
Prayer notes:
- Let's pray for a good friend of Zach Childress.  Farrell Atkins received word that he has stage 4 cancer and the doctors have given him limited time remaining in his life.  We pray for peace for Farrell and for Zach that comes from the unconditional love of God and his gift of salvation in Jesus' cross and empty tomb.  We ask God to lift them up in his loving arms.
- We also pray for all those still affected by COVID-19, whether physically, mentally, or even spiritually.  May God's peace and promises sustain and bring healing and hope.
Other Notes:
- Last chance for Easter flowers is this Sunday.  If you donated some and want them, please take yours home.  Thanks.
- Stop at the entryway table to sign up to pre-order a new hymnal (personally) and/or devotion book that will correspond to the new hymnal.
- Stop at the entryway table to sign up to help with the Youth Group garage sale and car wash that is planned for May 29th.
- The food pantry is especially in need of canned vegetables and peanut butter.
Those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries the week of April 18-24 (so you can extend a greeting, if you wish):
"Happy Birthday" to: Doug Rall (22), Katie Mooney (23), Tyler Kay (24), and Marge Krueger (24).
"Happy Anniversary" to: Rich & Deborah Lemke (20), and Mikkel & Kathi Broas (22)
That's all for this week.
God's blessing on your day.
- Pastor Duane