Pastor's Weekly Update
Good morning and Happy Ascension Day!
Today is a day to be happy because the Church (believers in Christ) celebrates Christ's ascension.  We are happy and celebrate the day Jesus physically left this earth because he had accomplished the work for which he came.  He lived a perfect life in our place, willingly paid the price of our sin with his death on the cross, and then rose from the dead in triumph to assure us that we are at peace with God and that his plan of salvation is complete in Jesus.  What a glorious day that must have been when the angels welcomed the triumphant Jesus! 
That day also means we can live triumphant and happy days on this earth, even when things in life aren't always so happy.  Jesus' triumph is ours!  God's gracious gift to us.  It means that one day we will be welcomed into heaven as well - a triumphant day!  Until then we have a living and ascended Savior who rules over all things for our good and promises to return again in a final triumph on the Last Day.  So, let's rejoice and give thanks today - Ascension Day.
This coming Sunday we conclude our Easter series on the Church in Action as we see that because Christ lives and reigns the Church Calls Workers to assist in the proclamation of that saving message.
Serving this Sunday:
Ushers:               8:15  – Eggert, McConnell
                                 9:30  – Clarke, Hartzell
                                 10:45 – Miller, Carroll
Organist: Pam Pierson
Prayer Notes:
- Lydia Sprain is having surgery on her lip this next Tuesday.  We ask God to grant wisdom and careful skill to the medical staff, and protect Lydia during the surgery.  And, we ask that God give peace to Lana and Dan, assuring them of his tender care.
- John Stephen is also undergoing surgery on his hand as part of his recovery from the coronavirus.  God grant success to the surgery, and peace and patience to John and Sharon as they trust in God's gracious promises.
Other Notes:
- As was mentioned: The Board of Lay Ministry decided to no longer continue with weekly worship sign-up forms and disinfecting pews and other areas after each service.  We will continue with our current three-service plan, and continue monitoring the situation in our community.
- Two summer camp registration forms are available on Sunday: Preschool camp and Art Camp.  See the entryway table for details and forms.
- APA Entertainment Night basket raffle begins on Sunday.  You are welcome to purchase tickets ($1) at the basket table.  The money raised will assist in purchasing new P.E. and playground equipment.
- Summer Bible study (in-person) begins June 6 (after third service).  Sign up on Sunday.
- Free CPR training will be offered on June 5th.  See the entryway table for more information and to sign up.
- Confirmation Sunday is May 23rd (confirmation will be in the third service).
- Graduation Celebration is May 30th.  Information pages were sent out to graduates.  
- The students being confirmed on May 23rd will meet in-person Sunday following the third service.
Celebrating birthdays and anniversaries the week of May 16 - 22 (to extend a greeting, if you wish):
"Happy Birthday" to: Bob Henry, Christian Schrimpf, Eugene Ulbricht, Mike Litz, Scot Chiffon, and Norah Culp.
"Happy Anniversary" to: Dan & Kathy McConnell
That's all for this week.
God's blessing on your day.
- Pastor Duane